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What we Offer

A common educational platform for Students, Colleges and Universities to share important information, connect and engage in communication thus creating an inspirational experience for the Students, Colleges and Universities.

Our excellent app encompasses many aspects of academic and intellectual development. Broadcasting important events, it provides a forum for the Colleges and Universities to connect with the Students and keep them updated about the upcoming or ongoing schedules or programs.

Every college has tons of activities taking place from academic events to any other upcoming events such as alumni meet, seminars, conferences and other important events. Our excellent app will help the students to stay notified about the important ongoing or upcoming events.

How it Works?

For Colleges & Universities

To get started with this app, Universities & Colleges need to register, and then sign up. They can then post important notifications, send messages, connect and engage in communication.

An admin panel is also provided for managing the whole app, view the list of students who have downloaded and using the app, activate/deactivate students etc.

Universities can send communications to Colleges under them or Students directly under the Universities for distance education courses.

For Students

To get started with this app, Students need to register under a particular college or university, and then sign up. They can then receive important notifications, messages etc. from their college or university.

It is a great platform for students to interact with each other and share information. They can join the communities of their choice and engage in chatting.

Future Additions : The Collegiate app will be used to pay fees online through the payment gateway. Fee details will be uploaded by the College or University from the admin panel.



Currently whats app is the popular mode of communication for the Students, Universities and Colleges for instant messaging, share important information, and push notifications about the important events and schedules.

An official and credible channel is the need of the hour. Collegiate is the platform bringing together Students, Universities & Colleges.

Stay connected

Join in the different communities and get involved in the lively discussions as per your preference.

Fee Management Online

Colleges & Universities can upload their fee details online from their admin panel and students can pay their fees through the app thus making it very convenient for both.

An interactive platform

Students can chat with each other through this platform, and share or enage in important conversation.


Colleges, and Universities will keep on posting important programs, schedules, courses and keep the students notified from time to time.



To stay tuned to the latest updates,
you can easily download our Collegiate app that keeps you notified from time to time.

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